1- THEORY OF DETERGENCY Theory of Detergency Questionnaire Enter
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What are the stages in the detergent process? WETTING ANTI RE-DEPOSITION WASHING DRYING RINSE BRUSHED QUESTION: 1 Find 3 correct answers Continue to Question 2 RELEASING THE DIRT
Indicate the factors involved in detergency according to Dr. Sinner TEMPERATURE DRUM DIAMETER STEAM FLOW TIME TIPE OF LINEN COLOUR OF THE FABRICS QUESTION: 2 CHEMICAL ACTION MECHANICAL ACTION WATER Continue to Question 3 Find 4 correct answers
What elements are involved in the detergency applied to linen? SUBSTRATE o SUPPORT WASH BATH DIRTY QUESTION: 3 WATER FLOW OF ENTRY DRYING TEMPERATURE CAPACITY OF THE WASHER MACHINERY Find 4 correct answers