6- THE THEORY OF WASHING PROGRAMS Chapter 6 summary Enter
A washing program is the detailed list of instructions required to establish the physical and chemical characteristics of a process of detergency. DEFINITION: Physical characteristicsIntensity of mechanical actionDuration of actionTemperature level Chemical characteristicsQuantity and type of detergent
Requirements of a program Removing Linen that is pleasant to the touch Fabrics that are gentle on the user’s skin No wear on the linen Freeing the fabrics of micro-organisms Maintaining optimum cost levels Goal of a washing program:
Programming variations: Factors involved in designing a washing program:
Programming variations: In short, they are designed taking into account: Type of fibre Type and quantity of soiling Type of machinery Production requirements
The phases of a washing program
Girbau programming structure Function Phase Program
Girbau programming structure Repeating the same sequence: Water fillingLevel controlTemperature controlAddition of chemical productsCooling control (optional) Managing the bath IntensityDuration Mechanical action DurationCentrifugal force Draining
Each action performed by the washing machine during a washing program is known as a function. Function
Phase A phase is the grouping together of a set of functions arranged in sequence from the input of water into the washer to the draining of said water.