Automatic front-loading Shrinkwrapper Compact, tunnel included.
Suitable for connecting into a production line.


Compact format with tunnel included, which makes this proposal a suitable packaging machine for connecting into the production line.
Packaging is done autonomously by automatic loading onto its conveyor belt, capable of taking large and indivisible packs.
The maximum packet length can reach 2 metres (2,000 mm) with a maximum production of up to 20 packs per minute or 1,200 packs per hour.

Technical specifications:

  • Compact structure, with support stands.
  • Automatic product loading by conveyor belt, suitable for connecting onto production line.
  • Machine suitable for working with large (indivisible) packs and all kinds of groupings that are previously packaged on a tray.
  • 760 mm. wide clamp.
  • Pneumatic sealing bar, with cold blade film cutting.
  • Maximum length of pack 2,000 mm.
  • Maximum production capacity: 20 packs per minute.
  • Feeding conveyor with speed adjustment controlled by means of an inverter.
  • Motor-driven upper unwinder, controlled by an invertir.
  • Motor-driven lower unwinder.
  • Metric scale for centring the reels.
  • Operates by reading the product by photocell or by length of pack.
  • Operates in automatic mode, semi-automatic mode or free passage.
  • Digital control panel with Flextron electronics.
Parameters adjustable from the panel:
  • 10 different working cycle memories.
  • Automatic bar height control.
  • Adjustable input conveyor and tunnel conveyor.
  • Temperature of the clamp (sealing bar).
  • Automatic shutoff system.
Process statistics:
  • Pack counter.
  • Pack length detection.
  • Instantaneous production.
  • Machine performance.
  • Control of anomalous packs.
  • Double chamber shrinking tunnel, to ensure a production of up to 20 packs per minute.
  • Tunnel conveyor controlled by inverter (speed adjustment).
  • Adjustable tunnel air flow using independent deflectors located at the input and output of the tunnel.
  • Includes a turbine to cool the pack at the tunnel output.