Automatic L-seal Hood Packer
For bagging and shrinking


The S560NA L-seal hood packer incorporates automation in the process of packaging linen in order to achieve a higher productivity of up to 900 packs per hour.
It is especially recommended in industrial laundry facilities requiring the final packaging process in packs. Welding dimensions:L 430 mm wide, 260 mm high and 560 mm long.

Main advantages:

  • Sealing and heat-shrinking in a single operation.
  • Production capacity of up to 900 packs/hour.
  • Sealing using a Teflon-coated blade.
  • Cooling of sealing system with permanent liquid closed circuit.
  • Packing level and support reel independently adjustable according to the size of the package.
  • Automatic hood re-opening.
  • An automatic work cycle, continuous cycle sealing system (the automatic lowering of the sealing arm can be programmed at intervals of time) - sets the work pace for the operator.
  • Or lowering the sealing frame using a button.
  • Automatic expulsion of pack made, using a motorised mesh (doubling the productivity of a conventional hood machine).
Control panel with alphanumeric LCD display and a 8 bit microprocessor, allowing a simple and precise control of all the operations in progress, such as:
  • Machine status.
  • Number of packs produced by an electronic pack counter.
  • Electronically adjustment of the sealing temperature.
  • Shrinking delay for sensitive films.
  • Adjustment of the shrinking time.
  • Adjustment of the forward movement of the motorised belt (greater performance).
  • Adjustment of the temperature of the shrinking chamber.
  • Possibility of scheduling up to 10 different work cycles.
  • Troubleshooting.
Presence of solid state relays providing easier maintenance and eliminating those annoying noises produced by the traditional switches.