New Compact PRO integrated ironing system: five functions in one
Compact PRO was created in response to the problems of laundries that need an ironing system prepared for high production rates.
New Compact PRO integrated ironing system: five functions in one

Girbau has launched its new Compact PRO integrated ironing system, a revolution compared to its predecessor Compact+. This new ironing system fits five functions into a single machine: feeding, drying, ironing, folding and stacking, making it possible to fit a professional ironing system into a very small space, just 20 m2.

The new Compact PRO, which can be set up for 1, 2 or 4 lanes, with 1 lane for sheets, 2 for tablecloths and 4 for small items (such as serviettes or pillowcases), offers increased throughput thanks to its heating power, making it possible to iron linen directly without needing to put it through the dryer first, saving all the time and energy that goes into the drying process. Moreover, heat zones are controlled separately, saving up to 30% on energy.

This system is ready to process items of all kinds, whatever their shape and size, including king size, and features FAST options that allow: boosting maximum ironing speed up to 25 metres per minute, with a rear discharge table, front and rear bypass, lighting in the folding area and work floor protection to avoid large items touching the ground and getting dirty. The machine also assures unique final ironing quality, as the linen is in contact with the roller surface for less time.

In programming and connectivity terms, the new Compact PRO is extremely intuitive and easy to programme, offering the possibility of creating multiple programmes and identifying them with the client's name in order to simplify processes. The industrial control monitor shows graphically and visually the location of any incidents that might occur, saving time and stopping them impacting on productivity. It also allows remote diagnostics, with no need to travel to collect information for analysing productivity, incidents and operating hours.

This is a machine that offers comprehensive versatility to adapt to the needs of each sector. It enables hotels or establishments with centralised laundries to overcome obstacles such as difficult access or space limitations, as the machine can be set up on site; it offers hospitals or old people's homes the possibility of benefiting from an in-house industrial laundry, without having to increase staff costs or devote large amounts of space to this; and finally, it helps growth-oriented medium-sized industrial laundries to take on industrial throughput without investing in an ironing system that calls for larger premises.