The GENIUS Series by Girbau: a further commitment to sustainability and efficiency in smart washing machines
With its cutting-edge technology, the launch of this new range represents a milestone in the industry because of its innovative features
The GENIUS Series by Girbau: a further commitment to sustainability and efficiency in smart washing machines

As part of its strategy to establish itself as a major player in the industrial sector, Girbau has brought out a new series of washing machines with ground-breaking features. As a result, Girbau's GENIUS range is creating a disruptive scenario in the industrial laundry sector because of its quality, efficiency, and technology.

As the result of Girbau's ongoing efforts to spot, estimate and analyze its customers' different needs, a highlight of the new GENIUS generation of machines is the search for productivity and sustainability in the solutions supplied by Girbau. Taking advantage of modern technology, these washing machines can also perform a whole host of smart functions to benefit consumers and boost sustainability.

In this respect Girbau, as a specialist in total solutions for professional laundry, has put all its know-how and capacity into designing smart systems that stand out for their connectivity without needing additional devices. Like this, it ensures its machines are dynamically productive by using BLE and WiFi connections, built-in the Sapphire technology platform. This development showcases the company's determination to lead change in the industry through new solutions with efficient performance and cutting-edge design.

The newly developed 360 Vision concept offers easier access and control to this new range of washing machines. This system of LED lights, located in a corner, makes it easier to see the status of machines from any angle and anywhere in the laundry. It speeds up the washing process and eliminates downtime between washes.

On the other hand, in terms of sustainability, Girbau maintains an ongoing commitment to the environments in which it carries out its industrial activities. In the case of the new GENIUS series, this means more efficient spinning at 450G, allowing considerable energy savings. Moreover, this range of new industrial equipment can cut drying time by 10% and power consumption by 30% while still maintaining quality standards in linen washing and impeccable treatment to prolong its life.